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SellersFunding relies on the idea that marketplaces are changing the landscape of retail globally as upcoming technologies change the way consumers behave. This continually evolving ecosystem naturally creates new inefficiencies, which in turn lead to a high dependency on traditional players.

At SellersFunding, we view this as a golden opportunity to both help up-and-coming sellers and create successful businesses. Why rely on a single provider to access funding, when you can now work with a business partner who truly understands your business, while being in a position to support your growth with expert advice and know-how?

Online marketplaces have brought transparency and a new freedom of choice to consumers – so why not take advantage of these same principles to guide your own business towards success?


Our mission is to bring you more than just funding solutions, then letting you figure it out all by yourself. Instead, our goal is to provide you with the expert resources which you need to grow your business in both the short- and long-term. The SellersFunding team firmly believes in building long-term client relationships which benefit both parties mutually.

  • We are focused on the Amazon marketplace and its sellers
  • We help our clients to grow by providing competitive funding
  • Our approval process is fast and based on a proprietary algorithm
  • We provide expert knowledge and resources to combat any challenges

Our clients

The Amazon marketplace is a challenging one; our clients are all successful Amazon Sellers just like you. We understand the importance of staying on top of everything when running a business in such a competitive marketplace – and we are here to help.