Changing the way eCommerce sellers scale their business.

SellersFunding relies on the idea that eCommerce is changing the landscape of retail globally as upcoming technologies change the way consumers behave.

This continually-evolving ecosystem naturally creates new challenges that traditional institutions have trouble understanding.


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There's a dramatic
shift happening in eCommerce...

According to U.S. census data, eCommerce grew 44% in Q2 2020, achieving three years of growth in three months.

That’s how fast eCommerce has accelerated in 2020.

What would’ve taken 3 years on a normal growth curve to achieve is what we’ve seen from global eCommerce sales in one quarter.

More or less, we are seeing record growth numbers.

Yet, it’s a constant struggle for most eCommerce sellers & brands to grow simply because they do not have access to working capital.

With working capital, you can:

    -Invest in advertising and gain new customers.

    -Launch new products that increase your average order value.

    -Replenish your inventory or stock up for seasonal sales.

That’s why we created SellersFunding—to give eCommerce businesses like yours a chance to grow faster through working capital and global payments.

Ecommerce’s continually-evolving ecosystem naturally creates new challenges that traditional institutions have trouble understanding.

Not having working capital doesn’t have to be the norm.

I’d love for SellersFunding to fund your eCommerce business to scale faster in a time where speed and timing is everything.


Ricardo Pero, CEO

Ricardo Pero

CEO & Founder of SellersFunding

Our Team

Ricardo Pero, CEO

Ricardo Pero

Co-founder & CEO

  • 20+ years experience in Corporate Treasury, Wealth and Asset Management
  • Investor and advisor to companies in the US and LatAm
  • Former Director in Leading Financial Institutions such as JPMorgan, Citigroup & Merrill Lynch
  • MBA in Finance from Columbia University
fabio d knijnik

Fabio D. Knijnik

Co-founder & CTO

  • 10+ years entrepreneurial experience
  • Endeavor Global Entrepreneur 2015
  • Created companies that applied the latest technology to solve complex problems
  • Managed multiple Six Sigma Programs and Business Development Areas

Maurella Van der Ree

Chief Compliance Officer

  • 25+ experience in investment consulting, wealth management and asset management
  • Former CEO and COO for HSBC Asset Management and Wealth Management in Latin America
  • Senior advisor with focus on strategy execution, corporate and operational governance, and enterprise risk management
Karen Li

Karen Li

Chief Operations Officer

  • 15+ years of experience in the FinTech/Payments Industry
  • Former Managing Director and CEO of PingPong US
  • Former Head of Integration at PayPal China
Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan

Chief Growth Officer

Rafael Pierson

Rafael Pierosan

Director of Information Technology

jimmy chang

Jimmy Chang

Finance Director

Chad Lio

Chad Lio

Marketing Director

Leonardo Felisberto

Leonardo Felisberto

UK Country
Business Manager

Felipe Altimeyer

Felipe Menezes

Customer Success Manager

Eric Richter

Eric Richter

Operations Engineer

Alfredo Borjas

Alfredo Borjas

Customer Success Manager

Alexandra Ramírez

Alexandra Ramirez

Customer Success Manager
Team Leader

Arnaldo Febles

Arnaldo Febles

Head of Operations

Michael Distasi

Michael DiStasi

Senior Credit Analyst

Gabe Duong

Gabe Duong

UK Credit Analyst

Zachary Kenny

Zachary Kenny

Operations Associate

Ashley Weeks

Ashley Weeks

UK Compliance and Risk Analyst

Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen

Customer Growth Manager

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