Daily Payments for Amazon Sellers

Still waiting weeks to receive your
Amazon Marketplace payouts?

With SellersFunding Daily, get paid the next day so you can have access to working capital.

Receive up to 90% of your previous day sales

amazon daily payments for sellers
The one and only platform to get money if you are ecommerce seller. They really know how sellers operate with their balances. Within 5 business days I was able to receive funds instantly during the worst time ever Covid-19. Thank you so so much!
-Pareltl Group LLC-

No more Unavailable Balances

Business expenses can add up, and more than not, you are paying some sort of invoice on a daily basis.

The problem that exists for most Amazon sellers is that Amazon will sometimes wait weeks before paying out your marketplace sales.

That can surely wreck havoc on your ability to scale.

Not anymore.

With SellersFunding Daily, you can be advanced up to 90% of your previous day’s sales for a low, flat fee. 

With Daily Advance, you can:

Re-invest daily sales into daily digital advertising campaigns.

Have access to cash flow faster, thus using that capital for new products.

Expand globally to new markets and countries.

Stock up for increased season sales.

How It Works

1. Sign up and apply

It's easy to get started

Sign up for a free on the SellersFunding App and apply for Daily Advance.

It takes less than 3 minutes to apply and is 100% online.

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2. Connect your Amazon store

100% safe and secure

Once you sign up and start the application process, you’ll then be asked to connect your Amazon store (or multiple stores) to our system. 

3. Sign Your Agreement

Approval in under 48 hrs.

Our machine learning, financial modeling system Visinger will analyze your store’s sales and determine if your qualified for SellersFunding Daily.

If approved, your agreement will be sent in the following 24-48 hrs.

signed agreement for ecommerce funding
amazon daily payouts

4. Receive your funds

Approval in under 48 hrs.

Once you have signed your agreement, your digital wallet will be set up where your Amazon daily payments will be dispersed.

That’s it. It’s that easy!

Get daily working capital so you can pay business expenses or increase your advertising.

We’ll advance up to 90% of your net receivables based on previous day sales. When the marketplace pays out, we’ll transfer the remaining balance, excluding our fee.

Details SellersFunding Daily
Details Time to receive funds
SellersFunding Daily 24-48 hrs (Business Hours)
Details Rates
SellersFunding Daily Starting at 2% Daily
Details Terms
SellersFunding Daily Daily
Details Advance Amount
SellersFunding Daily Up to 90% of previous day sales
Details Impact Credit Score?
SellersFunding Daily No
Details Pre-payment penalty?
SellersFunding Daily No

SellersFunding Daily FAQs

How long does it take to get approved for SellersFunding Daily?

It usually takes less than 24 hrs. to get approved.

I already have funding with SellersFunding, can I still apply?

Yes, having active funding from SellersFunding will not disqualify you.

I'm using a daily payment solution from a competitor, can I still apply?

Yes.  You may even be eligible for a better rate when you bring your account to SellersFunding Daily Advance solution.

We will analyze your sales history and business performance to offer you the best rate possible.

Will you check my credit report? What is a good score?

We check the credit report of the owner or shareholders of the company, but we do it as a soft inquiry which doesn’t impact your credit score.

There is no minimum score required as our analysis is a combination of the owner’s score and the company’s performance.

For more frequently asked questions, view our Help Desk.

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Daily Payments for Amazon Sellers

SellersFunding is a data-driven, online lender focused on eCommerce stores and marketplace sellers.

Traditional banks and loan services just don’t understand eCommerce. We do.

Our company leverages its experience in machine learning and financial modelling to offer funding via a seamless and fast application process that empowers eCommerce businesses to invest in their growth.