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How It Works


Get your unique referral link

Login to your SellersFunding account to access your personal referral link. This link is unique for your account and helps us to track any new client you refer.


Share with your network

Send your unique referral link to colleagues and sellers in your network and communities, and let them know how much you enjoy us being your trusted financial partner. Plus, they’ll get $200 Cash Back when they become a new client!


Watch your rewards stack up

Get compensated each time a new client gets Working Capital funding or the Daily Advance. Rewards are paid out on the 15th of each month for each new client from the previous month.

Share Referrals. Get Rewarded. It's That Easy!

Generous Incentives

Get up to $5,000 for each new client referred. Plus, earn bonus rewards for the 5th and 10th clients referred.

Untapped Potential

Our ecommerce financial solutions are in high demand. Share the love — Each new client referred also gets $200 Cash Back.

Easy Tracking

Your unique referral link does all the heavy lifting on keeping tabs on which of your referrals become a SellersFunding client.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

Thousands of ecommerce sellers on marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and more, have used SellersFunding to help take their business to another level.

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Jordans Jungle

“Excellent service. Process can be a bit quicker but the rest is perfect”


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m salman

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Lazer Sales

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Hà Công Tài

“Great and easy process”


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the SellersFunding Ambassador Referral Program.

  • add remove What are the benefits of SellersFunding Referral Program?

    Receive up to $5,000 for each new client you refer who receives funding. Plus, get bonus rewards for the 5th and 10th clients referred who receive funding. The Ambassador Referral Program is based on a tiered structure and varies per product.

  • add remove What products are applicable?

    Both Working Capital (also known as Credit Limit / revolving Line of Credit or Revenue Advance) or the Daily Advance products are applicable. At this time, Invoice Factoring, Digital Wallet, Prepaid Business Card, VAT/GST and Sellers Signals are not applicable.

  • add remove How do the rewards work?

    Rewards are based on a tiered structure dependent on qualifying period, qualified product, and amount of funding. Rewards are paid around the 15th of every month for the previous calendar month from the funding date via bank wire transfer for UK clients or via Paypal or Stripe for all other clients.

  • add remove What are the Referral Program tiers for Working Capital and Daily Advance?

    Please refer to the Terms of Service or reach out to to get specific information on tiers per product and more info about the incentive payout.

  • add remove My referrals have questions! How can I best explain SellersFunding solutions to them?

    If you’re not sure what to say, simply send your referrals to our website. You may also reach out to your Account Manager for detailed information to share with your network.

  • add remove Who can I contact if I need help with the Referral Program?

    Email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you. You may also reach out to your Account Manager with any questions.

*All new referrals made by an existing SellersFunding client may qualify for a referral fee of up to $5,000. This offer is valid for direct SellersFunding clients only (no third-party clients). All referrals must be approved in accordance with all underwriting guidelines and receive funding in full for one of the qualified business products: Revolving Line of Credit, Revenue Advance, and/or Daily Advance. For a Revolving Line of Credit or a Revenue Advance, the Referral must be approved for, and receive a minimum of $20,000 in funding. The Ambassador Referral payout structure for the Revolving Line of Credit and Revenue Advance business products is a tiered structure, which awards a referral fee according to the amount of funding provided. The Daily Advance business product is dependent upon the average monthly sales for a period of either 6 or 12 months. The Ambassador Referral payout structure for the Daily Advance business product may yield a maximum of 3 referral fees paid monthly provided the Referral receives 3 months of consecutive daily advance payouts. Should the Daily Advance business product be canceled by the Referral within the initial 3-month period, the Referring Client will be awarded a prorated referral bonus. Referral Partners may be eligible for a maximum of two referral fees. Referral fees are paid on or before the 15th of the month, to include the prior month’s activity. Referral fees awarded to Referral Partner Ambassadors domiciled in the United States and non-UK countries are paid in USD. Referral fees awarded to Referral Partner Ambassadors domiciled in the United Kingdom are paid in their local currency. Referral fees are paid out via PayPal and/or Stripe depending on the Referral Partner's settings within their active SellersFunding account. The Referred Client is eligible to receive $200 Cash Back to be paid out on the Digital Wallet after receiving funding in full for one of the qualified business products. Where a Referred Client’s origination is $100,000 or greater, the Cash Back incentive shall be increased from $200 to $1,000 in accordance with all other terms hereto. The Referred Client must also have a Digital Wallet to receive the Cash Back incentive. The $200 Cash Back incentive will be paid out on the 15th of the following month after being approved for the Digital Wallet. If the Referred Client has not applied for the Digital Wallet within 60 days of receiving funding in full, then the $200 Cash Back incentive will be forfeited. Refer to the Referral Agreement for full program incentive details. SellersFunding reserves the right to update the referral program terms and conditions at any time.