There is no doubt about it, ecommerce is expanding rapidly, and the need for access to buyers globally is getting bigger for sellers all over the world.

Latin America just surpassed Asia-Pacific to become the world’s fastest-growing region in ecommerce sales. According to a new study by eMarketer, severe restrictions imposed to curb the pandemic fueled demand in Latin American ecommerce to a new record of $66.7Bn in 2020 – an unprecedented 3 times a year earlier. 

Marketplaces are key to access Latin American ecommerce. Their market share is significantly higher than in any other region. For example, Brazil marketplaces account for 78% of ecommerce purchases while the worldwide average is below 48%. And it is no surprise that Mercado Libre, a marketplace, became Latin America’s most valuable company. 

As the Latin American market continues to grow, it’s more important than ever for US sellers to become acclimated to expanding into that marketplace.

SellersFunding and nocnoc have gotten together to offer a unique and seamless connection for sellers in the US to start offering their products effortlessly in 14 marketplaces to more than 650M monthly online visitors.

How is the expansion important to you? We’ve teamed up with nocnoc to share some insight, and to offer you a connection into this marketplace.

This new platform enables global sellers to reach buyers in Latin America with a seamless and straightforward solution, connecting sellers with 15 different marketplaces. The best part is that sellers don’t need to open a local entity, or even sign multiple agreements. Sellers can now ship orders to nocnoc’s warehouses located around the US and China. Once an order is placed, the seller can easily deliver the package to a designated US warehouse, while nocnoc takes care of the door-to-door delivery. 

Additionally, customer service will be provided in the local native language and is completely included. This also applies to disputes, mediations for cancellations, and returns. Items are also sold in the local currency with installments and paid overseas in USD to sellers in the US or China.

With nocnoc’s new platform, opening up to an entirely new region and reaching over 300 million online consumers is just as easy as switching to a new marketplace in the US or China.

SellersFunding and nocnoc together will now be able to provide sellers with the tools they need to grow their business and achieve success.  This will provide sellers with the ability to not only sell to a new market, but to be able to receive payments in USD directly through their SellersFunding account in as little as 48 hours. Sellers now have the confidence to sell overseas, with the trust that they’ll be paid quickly by a trusted source such as SellersFunding.

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