GOJA, the world’s most experienced Amazon operator and aggregator, is proud to announce its partnership with the leading digital provider of integrated financial services solutions for up and coming e-commerce entrepreneurs, SellersFunding.

As online retailing is capital intensive, this unique partnership provides solutions to many of the barriers that Amazon sellers face in scaling their businesses. SellersFunding provides access to working capital and daily advances to achieve consistent, predictable cash flow. GOJA brings 12 years of experience growing Amazon brands and providing exit solutions for passionate business owners.

“At GOJA, we believe in preserving the value, passion, and commitment to growth that is at the heart of the Amazon entrepreneurs we work with,” says Walter Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of GOJA. “SellersFunding shares our vision for the future of Amazon-based entrepreneurship. Together we can help Amazon sellers through their complete journey, from operational demands, like access to capital, to how to prepare for a smooth and profitable exit.”

“Entrepreneurs face unique challenges in growing their businesses on Amazon,” says Ricardo Pero, CEO of SellersFunding. “The GOJA team knows what it means to create a brand from scratch and grow it over time. This partnership brings together intellectual and financial capital as SellersFunding is uniquely positioned to provide working capital to increase reach and grow product inventory, and GOJA brings in a wealth of Amazon expertise, and exit strategy solutions that ensure sellers have a path to success, no matter their unique journey.”

This partnership exemplifies the commitment to creating real value in the marketplace for both entrepreneurs and their brands. Together, GOJA + SellersFunding will launch educational resources designed to maximize value for Amazon sellers with big goals and great products all over the world.

GOJA creates, buys, and grows Amazon brands. Our 12 years of Amazon expertise, technology, and team of professionals have the longest and most consistent record creating Amazon best sellers. From our headquarters in Miami, with offices on three continents, GOJA continues to lead the way for marketplace success.

SellersFunding is a global financial technology company on a mission to empower growth for ecommerce sellers. The SellersFunding digital platform delivers a suite of financial solutions that streamlines global commerce for millions of marketplaces including working capital, cross-border cash management, tax solutions and business valuation. For more information, visit www.sellersfunding.com.