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We welcome
ASGTG members

Apply now and check your pre-qualification
with no impact on your credit score and no commitments

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We welcome
ASGTG members

Apply now and check your pre-qualification
with no impact on your credit score and no commitments


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in Annual Sales got funded by us*

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Our products

SellersFunding offers the best funding solutions for your e-commerce business

Product Term Loan Revenue Advance
Time to get funded 1-2 business days 1-2 business days
Rates Rates starting as low as 14.99% APR Flat fee starting at 3% for 3 months
Terms 6-12 months 3-6 months
Amount Up to $1,000,000 Up to $1,000,000
Impact your credit score No No
Personal guarantee Yes No
Pre-payment penalty No No

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Our Process

Step 1 - Complete your

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Step 2- Share your Sellers
performance with us

We use your sales performance
to get you approved

Step 3 - Sign the agreement
Keep up to date with your approval
process on SellersFunding app.
If you get approved, agreements is sent
and signed in 1-2 days.

Step 4 - Receive funds
Once you have signed the
agreement we send the funds
in 1-2 business days

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Dashboard features: Company valuation, Visinger score,
One-click Capital, Pre-qualification and more

Connect your Account
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Check your pre-qualification

With the SellersFundingApp you can:

Pre-qualify for a loan

Visinger score: A tool created by us based on reviews, products, ranks and customer feedback to check how your store has been doing so far with an added forecast for the following months

Connect your marketplace to get your business pre-approved for a loan

Know your e-commerce valuation

Pre-approval for SellersFX, our online platform for Foreign Exchange transactions with the lower rates on the market

With the SellersFundingApp you can:

Not an amazon seller?

No problem, we offer funding for different marketplaces:

Not an US established seller?

No problem either, we offer loans in different countries and work with different currencies. We just expanded to Canada and UK as shown in Yahoo Finance.


> Are there any hidden fees? Is there someone I can talk to?

While the competitors charge you hidden fees, pre-payment penalties, very high interest rates and offer you poor customer service, we charge a one-time processing fee and that's it, there are no pre-payment penalties. Also, we are always here to talk to you and address your needs, while other companies don't even have someone you can talk to. You can check why we are rated the best customer service in the market on TrustPilot.

> How do I contact SellersFunding?

Either by mail at
or by phone: +1(929)229-2252

> How is the application process?

You must complete this page's application form. You will then be taken to the complete online application (5 minutes). Once you do that, we will be able to analyze your application and get back to you.If approved,funds are deposited in 1-2 days.

> Who qualifies for funding?

It depends on the form of funding you pick, if it’s term loan, interest only loan or revenue advance you must have at least 6 months of sales history, and your sales should be at least $30,000 in that period (or an avg of $5,000 / month), but if you choose our new money advance option you must have a minimum of $2000 in sales in a period of 3 months.

> If I apply am I committing to something?

No, your application will result in a proposal if approved. Only if you accept the proposal and sign the agreement you have a commitment, until there you have no commitments.

> Does SellersFunding check my credit score?

We do check your credit score but it’s just a soft inquiry for pre-qualification purposes, so it won’t affect your score.

* More than 7,000 eCommerce stores applied for funding since the inception of SellersFunding in 2017.

* SellersFunding successfully funded Sellers generating as little as $60K and also over $20M each in Annual Sales.

* Our customer base has generated more than $1.5 Bn in Sales over the last 12 months.

* SellersFunding App has more than 12,000 registered users since the inception of the company in 2017.