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Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program has been a game changer for how customers purchase their essentials online. A customer simply subscribes to receive automated deliveries for recurring purchases such as toiletries or pet food. A customer does this by selecting “Subscribe and Save” on the product page of eligible products and choosing the preferred interval of delivery. In addition to enjoying convenient shopping, customers also get to enjoy discounts ranging from 5% to 15% depending on the number of subscriptions they have, plus free 2-day shipping.

As a seller, you want to take part in the Subscribe and Save program, provided that your products are eligible. You need to have an active FBA account for at least three months and seller feedback of 4.7 or higher to qualify for the program. Once you add this feature onto your page, let’s look at the strategies you can use to turn your regular customers into subscribers.

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How to Apply for Subscribe and Save

➤  Procedure:
STEP 1: Login to Seller Central Amazon account.
STEP 2: Go to Settings and click on Fulfillment by Amazon.
STEP 3: Go to Subscription Settings and click on Edit.
STEP 4: Click on Enable and then on Update.
STEP 5: Click on Agree and make sure it is enabled.
STEP 6: Click on “Add or remove subscribe & save products” in subscription settings.
STEP 7: Click on “Subscribe and save inventory template”.
STEP 8: Open this template in an excel sheet and fill the required data and save this excel sheet.
STEP 9: Upload this excel sheet on “Upload inventory file”.
STEP 10: Download the file by searching Subscribe & Save in the search box and check the status.

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Subscribe and Save Autoresponder Message
The Subscribe and Save program is as beneficial to sellers as it is to customers. While customers enjoy free 2-day shipping and discounts, sellers enjoy consistent sales, customer loyalty, and increased visibility. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you get your customers signed up on the Subscribe and Save program for your eligible products.
One of the ways to encourage sign-ups to Subscribe and Save is by sending out an autoresponder message to customers who have bought from you more than once. In the autoresponder, explain the benefits customers enjoy when they subscribe. For example, you can show them the benefits of automated ordering in comparison to manual ordering. They won’t run out of essentials because they forgot to place an order. Additionally, inform them about the fast shipping and discounts they’ll get on all their subscribed purchases.

Subscribe and Save Infographics
Infographics are highly useful in simplifying data and presenting it in a visually engaging way. When used creatively, infographics can be powerful marketing tools, especially when attracting customers to a better deal. You can utilize infographics to persuade your customers to sign up for the Subscribe and Save program. For example, you can create an infographic showing how customers can lock in savings with Subscribe and Save. Additionally, you can highlight other benefits a customer can draw from the Subscribe and Save program such as convenience, saving on time, and free shipping. Spell it out for customers that opting into Subscribe and Save is a better deal than manually ordering items.

Subscribe and Save Bullet Points
Typically, the Subscribe and Save button is located on the product detail section, on the right-hand side of the product listing. Amazon tries to make it as visible as possible, but some customers might miss it in all the clutter. To remedy this, you can list the Subscribe and Save option in one of your bullet points. By mentioning the Subscribe and Save option in the copy of your listing, you’ll create more visibility for the program. Customers who go straight to the product description before buying can see the Subscribe and Save option when they scroll down on your listing.

Subscribe and Save Marketing Insert
Marketing inserts are some of the most versatile and cost-effective marketing tools you can use as an Amazon seller. You can tailor them to cross-sell, up-sell, build brand awareness, ask for reviews, and even create a fan base to achieve customer loyalty. The marketing potential of a packaging insert stretches as far as your creativity.
For this case, you’d be using marketing inserts to create awareness of the Subscribe and Save program and consequently, get subscriptions for your product. Since the Subscribe and Save program is already a pretty good deal, all you’d have to do is highlight the benefits that customers enjoy with the service. Highlight the savings, both in time and money, is usually a no-brainer for people. And, they’ll enjoy free 2-day shipping and the convenience of having their orders automated.
Getting customers to subscribe and continually purchase your product may seem trivial on the surface, but it’s a great way to ensure customer loyalty and consistent sales in the long run. It also gives the seller the ability to project expected revenue since you already know the ordering cycle of your subscribed customers. If you have any questions about adding this to your listing, we’d love to help at TurnKey Product Management.

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