As an Amazon seller, you’re part of a specialty business that’s growing quickly.  The number of third-party sellers on the platform is growing by roughly 50% each year, as estimated by Fortune.  But keeping up with the competition can leave you strapped for cash.  SellersFunding understands Amazon’s unique business climate and offers small business loans specifically tailored to your needs.  Once you’ve secured a loan, there are 5 key ways you can use the new cash flow to grow your business.


To succeed at Amazon, you need a covetable ranking in your product category.  You maintain this ranking through customer satisfaction and a robust inventory.  With your loan, you can restock your reserves, keep the sales coming in, and please your loyal customers.


Product Development

With more money at your disposal, you can develop new products in record time and get them to market faster.  Whether it’s a new color combination, a new fabrication, or a brand new prototype, extra cash can speed things along.



Amazon is a crowded marketplace with more than 300 million daily shoppers, and it takes more than a great product to get their attention.  Smart, effective advertising can get your products in front of your target customer.


Improve Cash Flow

Many business owners underestimate the day-to-day costs of running a business.  With a loan, you can improve your company’s cash flow for everything from rent and power expenses to wages for your workers.  Take care of all your needs without worrying about your account balance.


Debt Consolidation

It’s tough to build a solid financial future for your business if your debt isn’t in order.  Utilize your loan to consolidate your current debt and create a hopeful outlook for the year ahead.

Regardless of your business goals, a SellersFunding loan can help you edge closer to success.


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