Seize the date to increase your sales in the right items and categories.

Mother’s Day is coming and you, Amazon seller, needs to be prepared to take advantage of it. In 2018, according to Statista, more than $ 23 billion were spent for mothers in the United States.

This year, the holiday will be on Sunday, May 12th in the US. The month before is of the utmost importance for Amazon Sellers to be prepared for the big sales.

Mother’s day 2018 Market Data


Search engine marketing insights for Mother’s Day 2018

Americans splurged on Mother’s Day

Which are the best selling categories on Mother’s Day?


Which are the best selling categories on Mother's Day?


According to research conducted by Microsoft, consumers plan to spend in Mother’s day:


$4.6 billion on jewelry

$2.6 billion on flowers

$2.5 billion will be spent on gift cards

$2.1 billion on clothing

$2.1 billion on consumer electronics

$956 million will be spent on housewares or gardening tools

$813 million on greeting cards

$494 million on books or music


Get ready early because the conversions improve +70% before the big day.


Try to be in the market early! At least 2-3 weeks before. Prepare your inventory, organize your keywords, plan your campaigns and stay on top of market trends. And mainly, do your financial planning. Be prepared for inventory and shipping costs and don’t be caught off guard.


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