Have you planned your Mother’s Day promotion to your Amazon Store?

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest selling dates, so it should be highlighted in the calendar of all Amazon Sellers.

If you’re wondering who’s leading the public’s attention on Mother’s Day, the answer is clear: department stores come first. Retailers, such as Macy’s and Kohl, saturated the business market and the TV commercials, but not invest in digital media as intensely as other companies do.

Great discounts and coupons attract the public worries about saving money even on special dates. Thinking about this strategy, we separate several marketing tips for Amazon.

How to create coupons or promotions on Amazon Store

Promotions and Coupons on Amazon Store

If you are thinking of increasing your sales, creating discounts or coupons for your customers may be a good option for your Amazon Store.

In your account panel, on the Advertising tab, in the Sellers Center, you’ll find the option to create a coupon or promotion.

TYPE: Coupon

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Sellers (rated 3.5+)

WHERE YOU ARE VISIBLE: Product Details Page, Amazon Coupon Page, in Search Results, During Checkout

TYPE: Promotion (Percentage Discount or Other)

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: all sellers

WHERE YOU ARE VISIBLE: Product Details Page (Only for Cashier winners), in Search Results (Cashier winners only) during checkout.

When it comes to creating your seasonal promotion for Mother’s Day, it’s essential to consider your brand objectives, product, and customers when deciding what kind of promotion to create.

Pay per click campaign obeying Amazon Terms

Pay per click campaign on Amazon

When we talk about seasonal marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are an indispensable tool to generate extra traffic. With more than 144 million Amazon customers annually, advertising during peak buying times is crucial. There are two key factors to consider when launching a seasonal PPC campaign: use of the correct keywords and a creative ad.

How to choose keywords for Mother’s Day

Keywords for Mother's Day

With more than 144 million Amazon customers annually, advertising during periods with the highest volume of purchase is crucial. There are two key factors to consider when launching a seasonal PPC campaign: keywords and ad creative.

If you already have ads online, we advise you to create different campaigns to target the specific consumers of Mother’s Day. You can use words like “gift for mother”, “gift for her” or “Gift tips for mothers”. If you have a very specific product, for example, a watch that counts steps and heart beats, you can include keywords like “gifts for mothers athletes”, “outdoor women” or “running mothers” in your list.

Creating Ads for Mother’s Day

Advertising on Mother's Day

Ad creative: Although you can’t use the words “Mother’s Day” in the title, since this indicates a promotion (which is against Amazon’s PPC terms), some tactics can be used to use different keywords to pass your message.

The main image of your ad can also be creative to reflect the seasonality. A best practice would be to add a graphic as a border to the product image in your ad. It’s also recommended that you create two versions of this graphic by performing an A / B test to determine which one drives the most traffic.

Use your Storefront on Amazon for Mother’s Day

Amazon Storefront

If you already have a Storefront on Amazon, this is a great place to have a special message for your customers. Once you’ve changed your store message with the Mother’s Day, target your advertising and traffic outside Amazon to the store. Using a source tag on your platforms outside of Amazon will provide valuable insight into the number of customers coming to your Storefront due to the seasonal promotion. It’s important to remember that Amazon takes up to three days to approve the changes made to your window, so this strategy also requires a wait time.

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