Any Amazon seller knows it’s never too early to start planning for Black Friday. Discover the Amazon financing option that will cover the gaps and allow you to plan for your most successful holiday shopping season yet.

Waiting too long to plan for Black Friday can be a big mistake for Amazon Sellers. However, it’s a struggle to take a break from the daily grind of managing flat sales between July and November to plan for the big events like Black Friday. It’s not as if you can afford to let the business run on cruise control. You need even the seasons with lower sales to stay afloat.

Plus, you have to be fully stocked and ready to go in advance of the big shopping days like Black Friday and Prime Day. Sometimes that can feel like a long, uncomfortable time to wait for the sales to start coming in.

How would having Amazon financing in place to address the lead time between purchase orders and sales change the way you plan for Black Friday? Now is the time to explore your best lending options so you can experience the freedom to grow and the ability to take full advantage of the serious shopping season that’s just around the corner.


#1 Amazon Financing Option Designed to Address Your Cash Flow Gap


Ah, the cash flow gap. It’s every Amazon seller’s biggest pain point, yet it tends to be part of how the industry goes. When you must invest in products to prepare for big shopping events and then wait for the day of sales, the gap is even more prominent. Depending on where you source products, the wait time can be as long as 90 days between purchase order and first product sale.

While there are plenty of seller financing options available to help you make it through that time, often they are short term solutions that have too many fees upfront. Not helpful when this is the specific time you need cash the most.

The right lender can work with you to provide a smart term loan with an interest-only period, so you can afford to access the capital you need to cover the gaps without having to max out your available credit options at unreasonable costs.

Once you have this funding as a back-up, the two big seller obstacles (not enough time or money) take a backseat; you now have the peace of mind and time to plan properly for the Super Bowl of your industry. This is a much more effective plan than scrambling around for months, trying to keep your business going and make ends meet until Black Friday sales begin.

The Right Amazon Financing Delivers a Competitive Advantage

Sure, the Amazon Marketplace is highly competitive. The sellers who plan and strategize the best are typically the ones who end up on top. With the right Amazon financing in place, you are able to position yourself as the top competitor in your sales niche.

While other sellers are suffering through the sales gap of the slow season and trying to come up with new ideas to keep the cash flow coming, you are as cool as can be, placing product orders when the time is right and strategizing for Black Friday or Prime Day.

The phrase “work smarter not harder” comes to mind, doesn’t it? It’s time to find out how successful your Amazon business can be when you don’t have financial worries and lack of time holding you back. Here’s to a profitable Black Friday shopping season!

Author Bio:

Ricardo Pero, Chief Executive Officer of SellersFunding.com, received an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and has 20+ years of experience in Corporate Treasury and Wealth and Asset Management. As an investor and advisor to companies in the U.S. and Latin America, he enjoys helping start-up e-commerce businesses of all sizes to achieve success.