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SellersFunding CEO Ricardo Pero Talks Working Capital on the Bank On It Podcast

Ricardo and John of the Bank On It podcast discuss ecommerce funding and business.

Listen to Bank On It episode 534 as Ricardo Pero, SellersFunding co-founder and CEO, discusses SellersFunding’s exciting future with podcast host John Siracusa. If you’re a seller, aggregator, or entrepreneur, this is a must-listen so you can grow your business by sharing in Ricardo’s vision.

In this episode, you’ll get the story of SellersFunding’s origins and how our data-backed strategies for e-commerce funding were born, and how they have helped thousands of sellers and brands grow their e-commerce businesses.

You’ll gain insight into how SellersFunding’s integrated financial platform transforms e-commerce businesses through funding options like working capital, payment solutions, analytics and insights, and more.

Ricardo also shares key lessons learned from his experience as a fintech leader. He discusses:

  • Why all growth isn’t good growth and how to cultivate the good and cope with the bad.
  • The toughest challenges a founder will face and how to overcome them.
  • Tips to attract and retain top talent committed to company vision and goals.

Plus, hear some CEO fun facts (including the skiing experience Ricardo will never forget!) Listen now for the full interview.

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