There’s no denying that online marketplaces are changing the sphere of the retail environment – affecting how consumers interact with brands online, and how marketplaces are shaping buying patterns. Consumers have a new freedom of choice and building a successful business in the age of Amazon means taking advantage of these same principles.

As your business starts to grow, learning the ins and outs of international trade is essential. One of the key components is a safe, reliable payment processing system. With so many options for currency conversion, it’s important to find the right service for your business.

Work with a Specialist Money Transfer Provider

In order to take your business to an international level, seamless cash flow management is essential.

There’s no need to deal with the headache of exchange rates and bank fees chipping away at your hard-earned money. By working with a specialist money transfer provider like SellersFX, you bring more of your profits home. Having better exchange rates and less currency risk, SellersFX helps you make faster, cheaper and more convenient overseas payments to suppliers.

By creating a global currency account with SellersFX, you get local currency accounts to collect your global revenue. This allows you to save significantly on transaction fees and margins when bringing your money home from international marketplaces.

Not only does SellersFX help make fast and secure cross-border payments to your suppliers, but they also keep your accounts, balances and transfers in one place.

Find the Funding Solution that Fits your Needs

Another key component of expanding your business is finding ways to improve your working capital. With the additional capital, you can launch new products faster and invest more on advertising, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.  

Here’s what we offer:

Our simple four-step process enables you to get your funding quickly and efficiently.

Unlike other companies, we utilize artificial intelligence in our loan approval process. Using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm, we will not only predict your next 90 days of gross sales, but also advance 15% of it so you can have the money to expand your business.

At Sellers Funding and SellersFX, we truly understand the obstacles Amazon Sellers face. Our goal is to provide you with the expert resources which you need to grow and take your business to the next level.