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SellersFunding Business Prepaid Card

A Business Prepaid Card tailored for e-commerce sellers
growing at a fast pace.

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* More than 7,000 eCommerce stores applied for funding since the inception of SellersFunding in 2017.

* SellersFunding successfully funded Sellers generating as little as $60K and also over $20M each in Annual Sales.

* Our customer base has generated more than $1.5 Bn in Sales over the last 12 months.

* SellersFunding App has more than 12,000 registered users since the inception of the company in 2017.


> What are the requirements to get qualified for funding with SellersFunding?

You must have at least 6 months of sales history on marketplace and your sales should be at least $30,000 in that period (or an average of $5,000/ month). The company needs to be in good standing with the marketplace.

> How does it work?

As soon as you complete your application we’ll come to a decision about the issuance of the SellersFunding business prepaid card and the approval for a funding credit line for you to use with the card. You can be approved only for the card at first and not for the credit line. We’ll let you know usually within 1 business

> How do I start working with SellersFunding?

You just need to complete the application form and we will guide you through the whole process. Do like many others and get the funds you need to grow!

> What are the SellersFunding Rates?

Our rates vary from 14.99% to 35% APR. The final cost will depend on the company performance, owner's personal information and the results of our analytical models.

> Are there any hidden fees? Is there someone I can talk to?

While the competitors charge you hidden fees, pre-payment penalties, very high interest rates and offer you poor customer service, we charge a one-time processing fee and that’s it, there are no pre-payment penalties. Also, we are always here to talk to you and address your needs, while other companies don’t even have someone you can talk to. You can check why we are rated the best customer service in the market on TrustPilot.

> Are there any annual fees to issue the card?

No, it’s completely free.

> I have one store in the US and on in the UK. Can I use both?

You can apply for one store at a time, but we can get you funded in both markets simultaneously.

> How long has SellersFunding been in business?

Our model and algorithm have been around for more than 2 years.

> Will you check my credit report? What is a good score?

Yes. We check the credit report of the owner or shareholders of the company, but we do it as a soft inquiry which doesn’t impact your credit score. There is no minimum score required as our analysis is a combination of the owner’s score and the company’s performance.