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Dr. Gala

This New Amazon Seller Increased Her Buying Power with Chinese Suppliers through Borderless Payments

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Dr. Gala

This New Amazon Seller Increased Her Buying Power with Chinese Suppliers through Borderless Payments

  • Sole proprietor in Canada
  • Selling to US, Canada, Europe and Australia

A scientist by trade, Nessy H. is a relative newbie to the eCommerce world, selling on Amazon for just under two years — but that hasn't stopped her brand from making a splash online. 

When Nessy isn't designing her own products in the fitness and wellness niches, she's selling them on Amazon across the globe.

But as any Amazon seller will tell you, the well-loved eCommerce platform comes with its challenges.

For Nessy, it’s been a whirlwind journey filled with early successes and dramatic plot twists, which put her on the hunt for a little help via a flexible cross-border payments solution to get back on track.

Here’s how she did it.

The Challenge: Cutthroat Competition and Supplier Favoritism

When the pandemic forced everyone indoors, online sales rocketed.

This was great news for Amazon sellers like Nessy H., whose sales continued to climb during lockdown. But the boost in online buying also brought some stiff competition. 

With everyone wanting a bigger piece of the pie, some sellers resorted to underhanded tactics (think: buying and damaging a competitor's products, then leaving bad reviews. Not cool!). This left newer, smaller brands like Nessy’s vulnerable to costly returns and lost rankings.

But the toughest challenge? Getting her manufacturer's attention and support.

“My biggest hurdle is that I'm a starter brand. When I go to the suppliers, I'm not that important in their eyes.”

When the pandemic hit, Nessy’s Chinese suppliers gave priority to brands ordering 30,000 units or more. Since Nessy was still testing her products, she simply couldn't compete with those numbers. 

After a super successful product launch, Nessy desperately needed to restock — but with no manufacturer willing to refill her bestseller, she soon experienced every Amazon seller's worst nightmare.

She went out of stock.

Amazon’s stockout penalties were a massive blow to Nessy’s store's rankings, stifling the store's momentum and wasting the funds she'd already invested in securing a top ranking.

“When I wanted to restock, I couldn't. I went out of stock and it was a catastrophe. All the work I put in, I lost.”

The Solution: Affordable currency exchange and fast cross-border transactions

As Nessy recovered from the setback, she knew she’d need to find ways to increase her buying power and make paying her Chinese supplier fast and painless to help prevent future stockouts.

But most of the cross-border payments solutions she looked at had painfully complex registration processes.

“They made it so hard for me to use their tools. I just gave up. I don't have time for paperwork. While with SellersFunding, it was so easy. What a beautiful tool! In less than 24 hours, my suppliers had the money! I had to pay banks previously, Alibaba, or other companies which were transactions that cost hundreds of dollars.”

SellersFunding's digital Wallet made virtual cross-border payments a no-brainer for Nessy. 

Not being ultra-tech savvy, SellersFunding's customer success reps played a critical role in getting Nessy set up quickly, and with minimal fuss. They were always on hand to offer instant support, no matter how big or small the query. 

“I needed them, and they never failed me. It was so easy.”

“For me, the SellersFunding numbers spoke for themselves. I didn't have to think twice. I was so happy to find it. Thank you, guys. You're doing a great job!”

Nessy H. Hamila - Amazon Business owner

The Results: Stockout-free Scaling on Amazon

Since onboarding SellersFunding, Nessy has put her dreams into action. 

Thanks to faster and more affordable payment solutions, she’s now able to:

  • Pay for stock orders quickly to stay in good favor with her suppliers.
  • Make payments without worrying about high fees eating away at her margin.
  • Improve cash flow and visibility in her store's finances.

The dog-eat-dog environment on Amazon hasn't stopped Nessy from thriving, and she's now optimising her store for more brand awareness and conversions. 

And that’s not all. 

Thanks to her new relationship with SellersFunding, Nessy is also:

  • Selling in the US, Canada, and Europe.
  • Entering the Amazon Australia market.
  • Applying to the World International Property Organization.
  • Taking SellersFunding's training courses to sharpen her business skills.

No matter how low the competition goes, Nessy is focused on a forward path to success. With SellersFunding by her side, she’ll continue to scale her brand one step at a time (and with zero stockouts along the way 😉).

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