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Nesrine Hamila


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Health & Wellness


Digital Wallet 

Quick paying suppliers without all the heavy lifting



Going out of stock & rising competition

Selling in the Health & Wellness category, Nesrine Hamila is a pro in her field, creating her own products and having a successful run on Amazon for a little over a year in Canada and the US. 

One of the biggest challenges she faces is having lower quantity orders for the inventory stock on her products compared to some of the larger sellers on Amazon. She had a very successful product and was in good position with her suppliers, but once the pandemic hit full force, Japanese and Korean companies ordering high volumes of product at oncwon over her company to get the product first, so she went out of stock. 

So when I wanted to restock, I couldn’tI went out of stock. And I was desperate because I was ranking in the first page on top of the first page within a few days. With all the work I put in, and I lost it.” 

With the rise in eCommerce selling due to the pandemic and the opportunity it created, the competition has risen with more sellers in the market, specifically in the Health & Wellness category. And some sellers aren’t paying fair.  

“Unfair gamesthey will order a lot of [product], return them to have bad reviews, all these small games..and it becomes a shark tank. 




Supplier Quick Pay

Nesrine tried to secure a Digital Wallet through another competitor, but their platform was clunky and hard to use. She found herself having to supply tons of paperwork and, as a busy seller, she needed a tool that could help her pay her suppliers quickly without all the time-consuming work she would have to put into the software.  

I tried with another company which is a big competitor, I won’t name it, but the big competitor, and they made it so hard on me to be able to use their tools. I just gave up on it. I don’t have time for paperwork.” 

Once she found SellersFunding, she knew she’d found the efficient tool she had been seeking for her business that would allow her to quickly and easily pay her suppliers right on time. 

What a beautiful tool. It was like, less than 24 hours, they had the money.




Low fees and unmatched customer service

Once Nesrine saw the low fees and close to mid-market rates for conversions to pay her suppliers in China, she knew she would save time and money using SellersFunding. Plus, with quick pay, she would only have to spend a few minutes inside the platform. 

“My background is scientific, I have a bachelor’s degree in math. So for me, the math, the numbers, were there. And they were speaking by themselves. I didn’t have to think twice. I was so happy to find it.” 

“Thank you guys, you’re doing a great job. Amazing.”


And with any questions Nesrine had about the platform, our customer service team was right there to help her with anything she needed.  

Every time I was sending an email the answer was almost instant. 




Expanding to new countries

Selling in Australia is on Nesrine’s roadmap. Once SellersFunding has the capabilities there (coming soon!), she will be expanding into the country right alongside us.  

Expanding into the UK is also on the roadmap for Nesrine, using our capabilities to help her pay her VAT according to the correct guidelines after Brexit.