SellersFunding Daily Advance
Don’t wait weeks to get paid!

Advance your marketplace payments, improve cashflow
and increase sales.

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SellersFunding Daily Advance
Don’t wait for weeks to get paid!

Advance your marketplace payments, improve cashflow and increase sales.


up to 90%

of your previous day sales.






As you establish a track record

More than

10,000 users

On SellersFunding App

Better Cash flow for eCommerce Sellers

Using Daily Advance, you can get paid the day after your sales and use the money to expand your business, manage your inventory or invest in upcoming opportunities. SellersFunding is the global leading working capital solution for eCommerce sellers, providing access to financing solutions based on their marketplace performance.

Easy sign-up and approval

Sign-up in 5 minutes and get approved in 24 hours. No credit score impact and no commitment.

Faster access to your money

Stop waiting for marketplace payout schedules
and get your sales deposited fast to your

Grow your business

Get rid of constraints and grow exponentially
by improving your cash flow.

Behind every review is an experience that matters

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Rates & Qualifications

Daily Advance

Every day we anticipate 80%* of your receivables of your previous day sales. When the marketplace pays out, we will transfer the remaining balance excluding our fee. The percentage anticipated may increase over time, with our loyalty program.

*The advanced fee may vary according to the business performance, sales history and might increase over time.

Who qualifies

Any seller with a minimum $2,000 worth of gross sales in a period of 3 straight months, upon approval.


Usually 2% of the gross sales, but our rates may vary depending on the sales history and the business performance. With our loyalty program you are eligible for lower rates over time.

Talk to Real People

SellersFunding is based in New York.
We work hard on your behalf to drive you toward a better place to grow.
If you have any questions or concerns during your application process,
or after receiving funds, you are welcome to contact us by the
email, or give us a call.


+1 (929) 229 2252

Need more information: Email: or call (929) 229-2252

Using a Daily Advance from another provider?

If you bring your account to SellersFunding, we will lower the fee you pay today

Need more information: Email: or call (929) 229-2252


> How long does it take to get approved?

It usually takes less than 24h after you apply.

> Does SellersFunding check Credit Score?

For pre-qualification purposes only, so it won't affect your credit score.

> I already have funding with SellersFunding, can I qualify?

Yes, having an active fund with SellersFunding won't disqualify you.

> I have a Loan from my Marketplace, does it impact my application?

No, it doesn’t impact your application, but it will impact your advances, since we need to make a reserve for this loan payment.

> What is the SellersFunding App?

It's where you check your available balance, earnings, sales history, and manage your account.

> I’m using a daily payment solution from a competitor, can I apply?

Yes, you may be eligible for a better fee when you bring your account to SellersFunding Daily Advance solution. We will analyze your sales history and business performance to offer you the best rate possible.

Get $100 bonus after your first 14-day cycle using Daily Advance.