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Stand out from the competition.

Retail arbitrage

Don't miss out on market opportunities.

Private label

Grow your brand and your business.


Improve your cash flow.

Daily Advanced additional benefits

In addition to receiving your money daily, with SellersFunding you also have access to:

Collection account that act like a local bank for international transactions.

Free Digital Wallet, with lower fees than traditional banks.

10 ACH and 5 wire transfers per month included.

Free business card with unlimited 1% cashback.

Access to Working Capital up to $5M.

Special offers for those who sell over $50,000/month.

Check if you qualify.

It's simple, you just need to attend the following requirements:

4 months of sales history.

At least $3,000 in net sales per month.

Your company also needs to be in good standing.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

Thousands of ecommerce sellers on marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and more, have used SellersFunding to help take their business to another level.

“We’ve been selling online since 2012. We’ve always relied on third-party capital to help grow our business pre-Covid...

...Nobody wanted to come out there and lend a hand to a successful business that’s been around for years, and that just really goes to show you why SellersFunding is the ideal partner for us.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • add remove What are the requirements to be able to use the payment solution?

    In order to apply to use our Payment Solutions, you must have a business entity and the company must be in good standing.

  • add remove When will my funds from Marketplace Payout arrive?

    After the marketplace initiates a payment, the transfer may take 2-5 business days until it is received in your account. Please note that we cannot determine the date when the Marketplace or Platform makes the transfer as this is done with their bank.

  • add remove Is my account information and documentation safe?

    SellersFunding values your privacy and can ensure you that your information will not be shared or redistributed. We use secure encryption data to protect any and all sensitive information you provide us with.

  • add remove What documents or information do you need to be approved?

    The following documents will be requested during the KYC process:

    - Certificate of Incorporation/Articles of Organization
    - Shareholder/Membership Structure Chart
    - Owner – Controlling 25% or more
    - Last 3 months bank statements from your company’s business account

  • add remove From what countries and in what currencies can I receive my Marketplace Payouts?

    Companies in the US (via ACH), CAN and UK (via BACS or FPS) can pay you in local currencies into your in-country Collection Account, in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. It is the most cost-efficient way to receive payments, with the flexibility to keep part or all of the payments in the receiving currency.

  • add remove Am I committing to anything when applying?

    No, your application will result in either approval or disapproval based on your submitted documents.