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The Impact of Supply Chain and Inflation on E-commerce

​In this Fireside Chat, sellers will discover the causes of supply chain issues and inflation, and how sellers can successfully manage in an everchanging ecommerce landscape.

This Fireside Chat will discuss how sellers can:

  • Act on practical solutions to continue growing, scaling, and staying competitive during these times​
  • Establish best practices to stay ahead of logistics challenges ​
  • Set up their supply chain from launch to scale

This fireside chat is best for:

  • Established ecommerce sellers looking for information and solutions as they navigate the current ecommerce landscape​​
  • New and experienced ecommerce sellers who want insights they can use to increase their cash flow
  • New sellers looking to grow and scale their ecommerce business in the face of supply chain and inflation issues​

Supply chain and inflation issues are becoming the new normal for the ecommerce industry. The best way to ensure success is by preparing and executing thoughtful plans.

In this fireside chat John Elder and Amanda Hanono discuss the challenges involved with rising supply chain issues and inflation across the ecommerce landscape including:

  • How to successfully manage your business with the uncertainty that supply chain issues impose on the ecommerce industry ​
  • Steps to take to ensure customer loyalty as shipping time and delays occur
  • Why positioning yourself as a premium seller can lead to a healthier cash flow
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