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Ecommerce Calendar 2022
Ecommerce Calendar 2022

Ecommerce Calendar 2022

To win in the game of ecommerce, you’ve got to know the road ahead and make plans to take advantage of every opportunity. Use our handy ecommerce calendar and quarterly checklists to reach a whole new level this year.

The days when e-commerce planning was focused on the next big holiday. As competition becomes more fierce, targeting holidays thought the year can drive your business growth. An ecommerce calendar is one tool you can use to stay a step ahead and make business decisions like product launches, getting funding, and much more.

In the ecommerce industry, every day is a celebration, and any of those days can be a great marketing opportunity for your business. With so many holidays and events, it’s important to understand the most relevant ones for your business.

To save you some time, we put together an ecommerce calendar full of dates and details to help you make 2022 your best year yet! Use it to pick the holidays and spending events best for you and plan accordingly. As you choose the holidays that work best for you consider factors like:

  • The holiday’s relevance to your business
  • How a holiday can fit into your existing marketing plans
  • The prioritization of marketing efforts of the chosen holidays

Use the factors to help you determine how your marketing and inventory strategy can be used for maximum impact.

Download the Ecommerce Calendar 2022 for an in-depth calendar of everything to come.

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