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> Does SellersFunding check personal credit for qualification?

No. You are able to check how much your store is pre-qualified for without inputting your SSN or making a credit inquiry.

> How does it work?

We use publicly available data to get you qualified. Every month we update your pre-qualified amount it and let you know.

> I’m not a client. Can I see my pre-qualified amount?

Yes. The Pre-Approval Dashboard is complimentary for all e-commerce sellers.


> How long does it take to Sign up?

It takes about 1 min to get access to your pre-qualified amount. Once you do, you decide if you want to apply or not. If you decide to apply, usually takes us 1-2 days to get a final response.

> How long has SellersFunding been in Business?

Our model and algorithm have been around for 2 years.

> Are there any costs after I sign-up?

No. There is no charge for access to your dashboard. The account is free from the moment you sign up.