Revenue Advance for E-commerce Sellers

Our revenue advance program is tailored for e-commerce sellers and the challenges they face.

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Product Revenue Advance
Time to get funded 1-2 business days
Rates Flat fee starting at 3% for 3 months
Terms 3-6 months
Amount Up to $1,000,000
Impact your credit score No
Personal guarantee No
Pre-payment penalty No

Why get funding for your store?

Restock quickly

Solve cash flow gaps

Invest in advertising

Take advantage of purchasing opportunities

Our Online Easy Process

Time is precious, especially in the e-commerce world. That is we streamlined the funding solution:

Step 1 – Complete your Application

100% Online

Step 2 – Share your Seller Performance with us

We use your sales performance to get you approved.

Step 3 – Sign the Agreement

Keep up to date with your approval process on SellersFunding app. If you get approved, agreement is sent and signed in 1-2 days.

Step 4 - Receive Funds

Once you have signed the agreement, we send the funds in 1-2 business days.

Pre-Approval Calculator

With SellersFunding pre-approval calculator, you can easily estimate the amount of working capital that could be available today. Enter the information requested below and check how much your business would be qualified for.

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Apply now to check your working capital options

Want more? If you decide to apply, we will only perform a soft inquiry (which does not impact your credit score) to pre-qualify your company.



> What are the requirements to get qualified?

You must have at least 6 months of Sales history, and your sales should be at least $30,000 in that period (or an avg of $5,000 / month). The company needs to be in good standing with its store.

> How is the application process?

You must complete this page's application form. You will then be taken to the complete online application (5 minutes). Once you do that, we will be able to analyze your application and get back to you. If approved, funds are deposited in 1-2 days.

> What is SellersFunding? How long have you been in business?

SellersFunding is an alternative capital solution for e-commerce marketplace sellers. As we were working with e-commerce sellers to help them grow and improve their financials, we were shocked how hard it was for them to get access to the capital they needed. Traditional financial institutions do not understand how e-commerce works. So, we developed our proprietary algorithm to forecast e-commerce sellers’ results and combine it with Financial and market analysis to offer Capital solutions to e-commerce sellers. We have been doing business since early 2017. We have recently expanded to support other e-commerce platforms as well.

> How is SellersFunding different from the competition?

We are 100% focused on providing funding to e-commerce sellers. We know the main pitfalls e-commerce sellers face and our terms are tailored to your needs. You can be a reseller or develop your own brand of products. You can be big or you can be small. We have the right funding solution to your business.

> Why should I get a Business Funding with SellersFunding?

We provide fast, easy and affordable funding for e-commerce sellers. And we know the challenges, particularities and financial blockers that e-commerce sellers face all day. Our technology takes into consideration e-commerce environment to define our proposals, different than most players that do not take this into consideration.

> If I apply am I committing to something?

No, your application will result in a proposal if approved. Only if you accept the proposal and sign the agreement you have a commitment, until there you have no commitments.

> I have a funding with Amazon (Amazon Lending Program), or other e-commerce capital solution, would I still be able to qualify?

Yes, you would. The final proposal depends on the performance of your company and having a funding with any company doesn’t automatically disqualify you.

> How do I start working with SellersFunding?

You just need to complete the application form and we will guide you through the whole process. Do like many others and get the funds you need to grow.

> What are the SellersFunding Discount Rates?

Our discount rates vary from 3% to 15% depending on the Terms you choose.

> Are there any hidden fees? Is there someone I can talk to?

While the competitors charged you hidden fees, pre-payment penalties, very high interest rates and poor customer service. We have a one time processing fee and that's it. You can check why we are evaluated as the best customer service in the market on TrustPilot. Also, we are always here to talk to you and address your needs, while other companies don't even have someone you can talk to.

> I don’t sell on Amazon, but sell on Ebay, Walmart or Etsy. Would I qualify?

Currently we support other marketplace sellers, and we continue expanding it through the main marketplaces. We can evaluate store performance to be able to see a bigger picture. We are continuously evaluating other marketplaces to support in the future.

> Do you ask for Personal Guarantee?

It depends on the Program we will offer you. For Revenue Advances we don't require a personal guarantee, but for Term Loans we do require a Personal Guarantee from the owner or shareholders of the company on the latest. That is why we ask for Owner’s Information on the Online Application.

> Will you check my credit report? What is a good score?

Yes. We check the credit report of the owner or shareholders. There is no minimum score required for our analysis but we do it as a soft inquiry which doesn`t impact your credit score, combining between the owner's score and the company’s performance.

> I am an international seller selling on the US, can I get funded?

Yes. We have different solutions to address international sellers. Apply and we will be able to take a look at your case.