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You’ve worked hard to build an ecommerce store and you know
it’s worth something, but do you know how much?

Growing your online business can have huge emotional and financial implications, so it’s important to keep an
accurate and up-to-date estimate of your valuation. The problem is, without the right tools, assessing your
store’s value is a complex task.

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Get a sense of your valuation in less than 10 minutes.


By combining your inputs with our models and expertise, we will give you a precise estimate of your Amazon store's value.


Our tool is completely free to use as many times as you like.


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Sellers Signals gives you the tools and resources to measure your value and maximize it:

Analytics to keep track of your performance.

Financial solutions to grow your Amazon business.

Service providers to help you address your growth challenges.

We will use your Amazon store's information to keep your valuation updated and show you how it evolves over time.

About SellersFunding

Sellers Signals aims to help ecommerce sellers grow their Amazon business by providing access to data & insights, resources, and expertise. We want to be your partner in this journey, whether you're looking to maximize your valuation, sell your business, or just scale.

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