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Simulate a loan to get your business growing. Enter desired amount to preview the loan interest and payment schedule.

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- This calculator is only for simulation purposes and does not guarantee that any funding will be approved;
- Actual pre-approval and proposal depends on all information provided by you during the application process;
- Rates and conditions are subject to SellersFunding analysis and approval process.

Our Online Easy Process

Time is precious, especially in the e-commerce world. That is we streamlined the funding solution:

Step 1 – Complete your Application

100% Online

Step 2 – Share your E-commerce Seller Performance with us

We use your e-commerce sales performance to get you approved.

Step 3 – Sign the Agreement

Keep up to date with your approval process on SellersFunding app. If you get approved, agreement is sent and signed in 1-2 days.

Step 4 - Receive Funds

Once you have signed the agreement, we send the funds in 1-2 business days.

SellersFunding ROI Calculator

Discover a simple tool that will help you estimate your Return Over Investment and how our online funding solutions can help your business growth.

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