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Selling in Canada, UK or the EU, VAT and
GST can cut into your earnings.

SellersFunding takes care of all the hard work related to VAT and GST, from initial
registration and report filing to secure payments. Registering for VAT/GST with our
partners costs money and because we have the top saying pay for free it makes it
seem we can file for free for them.

How does it work?


Choose the country to which
you need to pay VAT & GST.


Enter payment details including the
amount, bank account, and VAT
& GST number.


Click ‘PAY’ after reviewing your
information. And you’re done!

Our customers are our biggest fans.

Thousands of ecommerce sellers on marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and more, have used SellersFunding to help take their business to another level.

“So quick the process and always willing to help, their team is super friendly.”


“Great service so far. In particular, thank you to Vinh on the team who has gone out of their way to ...”

Robert Kelly

“Great team to work with. They think hard about the best solution for each situation and company.”


“Smooth process, good management. Well done. Looking forward to cooperate on long term basis”


“Amazing service”

Sean Cotter

“Easy company to deal with, funding within a few days straight forward terms and a phone number you ...”

Gevin Rai

“One of the easiest lenders I have ever had to deal with, highly recommended!”

ECommerce Business Owner

“Our funding specialist, Kati, was a real pleasure to work with. She treated us with dignity and ...”


“Awesome Service! Helps my business growth. Thank you SellersFunding Team”

Joey customer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • add remove How much does the service cost?

    Depending on the country and services you choose, prices will vary. Once you apply to the service and country (countries) of your choice you will see the pricing.

  • add remove How do I know if my payment arrived to the VAT authorities?

    To verify that your payment has arrived, we recommend checking directly with the relevant VAT authority or your agent/accountant.

  • add remove How do I make a VAT payment throught SellersFunding?

    Select the VAT authority you need to pay, follow the instructions to fill in the required information, review the details and confirm the payment.

  • add remove How long does it take for my payment to reach the VAT authorities?

    Your payment will reach the VAT authority shortly after the payment is made. The time it takes for the VAT authority to process the payment will vary by country; please allow 10-14 business days for the VAT authority to process your payment

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