With SellersFunding Wallet, simplify the way you pay and get paid for your eCommerce business.

-Easily receive marketplace payouts

-Pay suppliers in over 180 countries

-Withdraw funds to your
bank account at no cost

Working with SellersFunding was by far the quickest and easiest process that I've gone through. The fact that they listened to what my needs were and gave me a very competitive rate was all I needed to make the decision.

Why Wallet?

As more eCommerce sellers begin to manufacture and sell globally, the harder it becomes to manage your payouts and fulfill invoices in different currencies.

With SellersFunding Wallet, you now have an all-in-one payments platform to manage your global eCommerce finances.

Taking care of all of your financial business from one place means you get to avoid hefty currency conversion fees, payment fees, and more.

With Wallet, you can:

Pay suppliers in over 180 countries

Receive your marketplace payouts from multiple stores all in one place

Store payments in multiple currencies

Save on currency conversion fees that you would normally have to pay using multiple platforms.

What You Can Do With Wallet

Receive Marketplace Payouts

Receive ALL your marketplace payouts directly to your Wallet, even if you sell within multiple platforms and countries.

Hold payments in multiple currencies and convert them all under one roof, saving on unnecessary fees.

marketplace payouts
Pay Suppliers with Wallett

Pay Suppliers

Pay inventory costs, shipping fees, and suppliers in 180+ countries.

SellersFunding Wallet holds over 37 currencies, so you have complete flexibility in how you make payments.

Take Care of Everything In One Place

Because SellersFunding ‘s Wallet features are all-in-one place, you’ll save money on currency conversion fees AND payment fees.

sellersfunding digital wallet interface

Wallet FAQs

What are the requirements to qualify for SellersFunding Wallet?

In order to apply for a SellersFunding Wallet, you must have a business entity, and the company must be in good standing.

What does the application process entail?

Once you sign up for the SellersFunding Application, you will  complete our 3-minute online application for the Digital Wallet.

Once all of your documents are submitted, we will issue an approval or disapproval in less than 24 hours.

Am I committing to anything when applying?

No, your application will result in either approval or disapproval based on your submitted documents.

I already have funding with Amazon (Amazon Lending Program). Can I still receive funding with SellersFunding?

Yes, our proposal depends on the performance of your store and having funding from Amazon does not automatically disqualify you from getting funding with us.

SellersFunding Wallet Services is provided by The Currency Cloud Ltd (licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom – reference number 900199) (“Currency Cloud”), operating in partnership with Community Federal Savings Bank (charter no 717528). Please note that SellersFunding or Currency Cloud may use its affiliates, subsidiaries, other related entities or third-party service providers to provide SellersFunding Wallet Services.

Hear From Our Customers

No More Unnecessary Fees

SellersFunding is a data-driven, online lender focused on eCommerce stores and marketplace sellers.

Traditional banks and loan services just don’t understand eCommerce. We do.

Our company leverages its experience in machine learning and financial modelling to offer funding via a seamless and fast application process that empowers eCommerce businesses to invest in their growth.