Financing, marketplaces, and supply chains! Oh my! 😳

The world of financing can be complicated but SellersFunding simplifies the process of scaling your business. SellersFunding is your one-stop-shop for finding financial solutions designed to grow e-commerce merchants. 💸Hear from our own Global Head of Partnerships, Leonardo Felisberto.

He’s here to offer insights 💡 into when and how a business can receive funding to escalate its revenue and how SellersFunding differentiates itself from its competitors. By finding the right timing and amount of funding, you can maximize your products’ proven ROI. 🚀

Tune in to hear how you can exceed your e-commerce goals in different marketplaces. 📈

Topics include:
– How Leonardo got involved with SellersFunding (00:01:06)
– Leonardo’s take on the overall market landscape (00:04:51)
– SellersFunding’s options for financing and terms (00:09:22)
– Signs that a business needs additional funding and what kind of funding is best (00:13:30)
– What you’ll get out of working with SellersFunding (00:18:36)
– Leonardo’s perspective on Amazon lending (00:22:30) – Example of how SellersFunding transformed a business (00:25:40)
– Other marketplaces that SellersFunding supports (00:27:38)
– Deeper insights into marketplaces across the world (00:30:40)

– Leonardo Felisberto, Global Head of Partnerships, SellersFunding
– Darren Saul, CEO, VENDO

Feature speakers:

How it can help you

Scaling your business is no easy feat. But, with the right information and resources to help you, it’s possible. This podcast goes through all the things you need to scale successfully.

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