Credit limit up to


with flexible withdrawls

Rates as low as

12% APR

Get approved in as little

as 48hrs

Terms up to

18 months

interest only payments

Extended for a limited time!

We're extending our Interest-Only
payment period at the start of each
loan you draw

from 90 days
to 120 days!

*Terms and conditions apply.

What You Can Do With Working Capital

As the world of ecommerce continues to grow so does the
competitive landscape.
Working capital allows you to get ahead in inventory,
advertising, product development and so much more.

Launch new products
without sacrificing inventory.

Increase advertising efforts to
reach new customers.

Stock up for increased
seasonal sales.

Expand into new countries
and markets.

Getting Working Capital is easy


Create your account

Just some basic information, it takes less than 3 minutes.


Connect your marketplace

Connect your marketplace. Zero credit score impact.


View Proposal and Choose

Enjoy felixibility to select terms according to your needs.


Receive funds

Funds are deposited into your preferred account.

How is SellersFunding different from a traditional lender or a bank?

Traditional lenders
Traditional banks
Approval process
Flexible terms
Credit score impact
Pre-payment penalty?
Traditional lenders
Traditional banks
Approval process
Flexible terms
Credit score impact
Pre-payment penalty?

About SellersFunding

That’s why we created SellersFunding and developed an approval process tailored to improve and
speed-up ecommerce merchant’s access to working capital solutions. We put you in control to
require and use working capital as you need it, when you need it.
No matter if you’re facing a challenge or seeing an opportunity, we’re here to help you grow!


Funding Applications


Clients with $100 million
in annual sales were
funded by SF


In annual sales
generated by our


Users on the
SellersFunding App

Our customers are our biggest fans.

1000s of Amazon, Walmart and eCommerce sellers alike have used SellersFunding to help take their business to another level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • add remove What are the requirements to qualify for eCommerce

    You must have at least 6 months of sales history and at least $20,000 of net sales per month for either your marketplace store or eCommerce website in order to be considered for SellersFunding. Your company also needs to be in good standing.

  • add remove Am I committing to anything when applying?

    No, your application will result in a proposal if approved. Only if you accept the proposal and sign the agreement will you have a commitment. Until there you have no commitments.

  • add remove Will you check my credit report?

    We check the credit report of the owner or shareholders of the company, but we do it as a soft inquiry which doesn’t impact your credit score. There is no minimum score required as our analysis is a combination of the owner’s score and the company’s performance.

  • add remove I already have funding with Amazon (Amazon Lending Program), can I still receive funding with SellersFunding?

    Yes, our proposal depends on the performance of your store and having funding from Amazon does not automatically disqualify you from getting funding with us.

  • add remove What does the application process entail?

    Once you register on the SellersFunding platform, you will complete our 5-minute online application form for eCommerce Funding. Once completed, our system will analyze your application and notify you via email. If approved, funds are deposited in your bank account in 1-2 business days.

  • add remove What are Funding rates?

    Our Credit Limit rates vary from 12.5% to 24.99% APR. Our Revenue Advance rates start at 2%. The final cost will depend on the company performance, owner’s personal information and the results of our analytical models.

Want more?

When you create your account with SellersFunding, we’ll check your eligibility for a complete financial
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Receive up to 90% of your previous day's sales.

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Pay expenses, suppliers or spend however you like.

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